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At last!!

Well its nice to come to bed tonight without a headache and unbearable pain and fatigue, still in pain but the painkillers are helping at last and the fact I came to bed at 10pm unstead of 8pm is a mini triumph!

Hadn't realised how picking up what to most is a simple infection would effect me its taken two weeks for me to even begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel!!

Praying it doesn't come back again for a very long time!!

I have been signed off work for the rest of this week to fully recover and after what have experienced this last 2 weeks i will be doing just that x

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Hugs for you. It all takes time and if I have learnt anything over the years is patience. Getting stressed will delay your recovery. It's not easy I have been trapped in the house for weeks at a time and eventually had to give up my job. No one understood that was hard was just said it's for the best and it was but it wasn't my choice. So relax and get well and the first signs that anything is happening you need to switch off. Good luck. xx


Glad your feeling bit better, take care prayers and hugs xx


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