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Test results normal

So after my dipstick test showed blood and white cells, my test from the lab has apparently come back 'normal'... I can't really tell how much the pain has eased as I'm on painkillers.

Just wanted an opinion on whether I should follow anything up or just leave it now and carry on?

I've felt pretty rubbish over these few days but part of that has been due to 'normal' lupus symptoms I think xx

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Old dipsticks can give false positive results. If the lab test is negative that presumably means that there were no white cells or blood cells in the sample tested - you can ask the receptionist to let you see the lab report. Blood cells are common in women, especially around menstruation and do not necessarily mean anything at all. They can also be 'physiological'. You can always take another sample to your GP for surgery testing and a further chat - I doubt h/she would mind as you are taking (presumably prescribed) analgesics which may mask symptoms.


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