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Muscle pain in upper arms and thighs with extremely sensitive skin?

Hi All,

Recently I've been experiencing extremely stuff and painful muscles in both upper arms and my thighs. Also my skin is very sensitive to feels as if it has been burnt and even the lightest pressure is painful? I have SLE, Hughes Syndrome and mild Raynauds and Sjögren's syndrome. Has anyone else experienced this and if so, was it attributed to their lupus and any ideas on treatment? Many thanks.

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Hi Rockhopper,

before I was started on Plaquenil, sore shoulders and upper arms was an ongoing problem for me, could hardly get dressed by myself. My thigh muscles were sore off and on, but my arms were a big concern for me. Since seeing Rheumi - feeling ill and a beautiful rash - Plaquenil and prednisone started and the Plaquenil really helped with muscle pain. Today it feels like my legs and hips are covered in bruises, very tender to touch - just have to take it easy for a few days. My hips have been quite painful and headaches are back. Was doing good for a few months but the last couple of weeks have been like starting over again. I use ibuprofen or Aleve for the pain. Wishing you less pain!


Hi Rockhopper. I seem to have experienced something similar, at least in part - I now occasionally experience the burnt/very painful to the slightest pressure sensation you mention. It's horrible but seems to resolve of its own accord after a few (painful!) days. I wonder if mine is tactile allodynia; here's a link to the Wikipedia page on the subject:

I mentioned it to a GP at my practice but they weren't interested. However that's not to say that there aren't drugs that might help. Best.


Had same sensitive skin upper thigh, and spot on the back, did a cycle of vitamin B injectable (10 shots of Benevron B), problem went away


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