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Muscle and Heart Problems ?

Im getting worried as my body temperature is high and it has an affect on my muscles especially above my knees .. they burn from inside. This usually happens if I use them ie have to stand or walk .. my muscles heat up and then burn and I end up in pain sometimes with Prickly heat evn though Im on medication for this ... The heat we are having is also causing heart problems .. it feels like my heart being squashed ... Any help appreciated -x-

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Hello Ellie, I think you must go and badger your GP about these symptoms, especially your heart, they are scary for you. Do you think some of your meds are causing problems? When did this start? can you link it to anything? Please go to your GP asap, and let us know what happened. Best wishes.


Thank you teapot65 for the reply ... It started last year when my Lupus symptoms started ... the GP I phoned and tried to explain what happened,she was very nasty ... I felt like my heart had stopped, was being squeezed and I was going to pass out ... she said well if my heart stopped Id be dead! I left it after that until I kept having flip flop feelings and then bubbling in my heart area ... now im having a racing heart beat even walking up the stairs and I dare not hoover .. its enough hanging the washing out :( I become dizzy, cant catch my breath and feel sick then I start sweating and then about a week ago Ive started having stabbing pains in my upper back and my heart feels bruised ... This started well before the medication -x-

I keep putting seeing the Dr off ... He knows Ive got a fast heart rate since the 24 hr ECG (which I should of had last yr but somehow i was forgotten) ... I didnt have no definite feelings in those 24 hrs but its scary enough to know the ECG picked up my fast heart rate, I didnt even do anything that would have caused that :/ But bloods for inflammation came back negative ... Just fed up seeing the GP ... I think that he looks at me thinking Oh no what now ... maybe its me but Im not used to seeing the GP .... Ive hardly seen any Dr until last yr ... and my weight has soared this yr ... even though I hardly eat ... and if I do I eat healthy as Ive always done ...

I will go back to see the GP, best I tell him ... I just hope the GPs will educate themselves with Lupus .... I need to sort out my medication anyway and update him on the Dermatology review ... Im seeing the Rheuma nxt week too ... I will let you know how it all goes and sorry for my rant lol .. xxx


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