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17 weeks Pregnant, can I have a flare during pregnentcy?

I'm 17 weeks pregnent I have lupus was dignosed a year ago, resently my left arms has been hurting me ad elbow pain went to docs ad she said I had poor circulation? Increased my pills that im taking for circulation , I was wondering could I have a flare up during pregnentcy and if I did how would it be controlled ? And would they be any harm to my baby? Would like to hear pregnentcy experience did u go full term ? Thank you

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Hi Mainshah,

First of all congratulations on your pregnancy. Below i have attached our factsheet on 'Lupus and Pregnancy' for you to have a read. If you think it would help i can send you a free general information pack on lupus and the symptoms and maybe include a hard copy of the pregnancy factsheet too? Just send me a quick private message or an email with your address and i can pop one in the post for you.

If there is anything else i can do for you please do let me know.

Best wishes,




Hi there mainshah, having lupus when your prg is a real worry, i had a really bad flare at about 30wks which sent me into early labour, its a bit of a minefield when your preg with lupus as the drugs used to bring some types are no ideal when tip i would do is make a clear plan of action with antinatal, of what sort of help you can get if you do start flaring...well in advance this may reduce your stress about lupus is so bad and the medications i take now make it far to dangerous to become pregnant again....hope all goes well hugs x mia


I am 33 weeks pregnant after several miscarriages. I had been reasonably ok through 1st & 2nd trimesters but now can feel some lupus symptoms which are bothering me. I'm taking plaquenil, aspirin, fragmin & steroids. Once I've had the baby I'm going back on methotrexate. You should call your rheumy and ask to see him/her and talk through medicine options. Currently I can't walk well, but have decided I don't want to increase my steroids as this, for me, is worse as I am already steroid dependent.

Wishing you a safe and uneventful pregnancy !


Thank you for ur replys I'm going to see my rhumy on Monday , just feeling generally unwell :( x ad being preg don't do any favors coz I'm depended on pain killers x


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