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INR Level and Mood and Energy Level

I have APS dx in March after a stroke and the swing of the INR levels is maddening. My target is 2-3 and recently at last blood test it was 1.7. The doctor increased my Warfarin and I'll be retested in a week. I know it's higher because I feel better. When it's very low I feel "disconnected" and "down." Today after 3 increased doses, I feel better emotionally and more energetic.

Can my inr levels affect my mood?

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Do you have Hughes syndrome as well, I feel much better with an higher INR my range along with a lot of people with Hughes syndrome have a range of between 3-4


I have APS and a target range of 2.5 - 3.5. I feel better for a higher INR although last week I believe I had a TIA (speech issues and vertigo) and on testing you could have knocked me down with a feather whem I was told it was 4.9!


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