High blood pressure - differentiating into Specific CTD?

Hi all.

Currently my blood pressure is high and I have had to start treatment for this as well as having blood in my urine. Does anyone know if high BP is an indication of my UCTD differentiating into a specific condition or not?

I am concerned as I have been really unwell of late and the BP is spiking high again. The ramipril makes me dizzy at different times of the day too. I don't feel safe to drive and I have been off work for nearly 8 weeks- really poorly with many symptoms. How do others cope at work with high BP as well?

Be really good to hear back from those of you who have experience with this as well as all your other symptoms.


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Hi Bestbuddy

Sorry to read about your worrying health problems. I hope that along with your high blood pressure , your blood in your urine is being investigated?. Can you see your Consultant about it all?. You need his advice. I'm aUCTD patient and know to report any new symptoms as it can help with diagnosis or treatment. I hope you improve soon.X


Hi I am sorry to here your unwell ,I have been off work since jan , I have been told by rhummie I have UCTD ,sjorgrens , raynaulds ,reactive artherist, psysoris ,and Gilbert's syndrome ,fibro ,I am also experiencing bowel issues , dizzieness after waking up and getting up from dentis chairs which can be quite distressing ,breathlessness and fatigue . It has been noted by my rhummie nurse that my blood pressure is on the rise but as yet nothing has been done about that I am only duloxtine for nuralgia pain ,and folic acid as rhummie said that would help my heart and hair ,he has told me he will get me well enough for work but not for some time yet ,I take things a day at a time ,I pace myself and have been trying to use the spoon theory there is a link on the fibro site for that but I find if I am sensible and listen to my body I feel well ,yesterday I made the mistake of doing to much and I am suffering today ,my daughter is home from uni and she is trying to get my home where there is nothing for me to fret about ,she has been painting and putting shelves up so I am not so cluttered ,we moved into this house 3 years ago and 6 weeks later I became unwell and then I just went to work lived here and now I have been sitting here for six months I am seeing what I haven't done ,so bless her she is doing it for me . Before she leaves again in September she is off to japan for a year and doesn't want me overdoing it ,or trying to when she away it has been so hard letting her look after me this way it's been quite a journey learning to let others help me ,I was always the one that was rung to move a wardrobe or put up a shelf. I have bought a mobility scooter to walk the dogs I have been given perching stools and a bath lift for really bad days was offered a stairlift but I said no to that ,the scooter has been hard ,I have had it about 8 weeks and to be honest I have only used it twice my daughter and a friend are walking them for me at moment I can walk but I find I go so slow a walk that used to take me 25 mins now takes me 1hour 30 mins I was a So fast with everything I did now I am a snail my body won't do what I want I have good days I was saying to my daughter just last night how well I felt I felt I could go back to work ,but this morning I am almost in tears with frustration so my warning to you is don't over do it only do half of what you want to do at most sorry if this sounds very disheartening but I have spent 3 years dismissing what I had been told I suppose I would tell people what I had been told ,say I was ok but I wasn't and I have been in denial .and I have worn myself out don't make my mistake my GP has told me I am very unwell and I have a complicated illness he has said if he finds I have gone back to work he will be very angry .please look after yourself and don't rush back to work get as well as they can get you first take care sorry I have gone on Christina x


Hi bestbuddy. Sorry to hear about your symptoms. You need to get your kidney function tested - could you have lupus nephritis? Hope things improve for you :)


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