so much pain

got woken by both dogs this am at 6.30.from time got up pelvic pain and other symtpoms struck.took dogs out -short walk-cos they need it-pelvic pain,feeling "wet"down below and very weak,sick of arguments with family member over what it is and gps dismissal of symptoms etc.he says drs aren't dismissing me and have given me assurance its nto cancer.told him angrily not so.they havent given me any other reason fro it(swollen abdo and persistent pelvic pain etc)or anything else .all they say is what things are not.when there are so many possible causes.all I want to do is sleep. have endoscopy tomorrow with sedation then brother says walk around Alnwick gardens after.i can barely walk my dogs so cant see me walking around some gardens

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Hi, I'm sorry you're hurting today; I've read some of your posts and I wonder if anyone has mentioned Interstitial Cystitis? It may be worth a net search. It can cause lots of pain. I don't know if that's what you have, but It came to my mind last time I saw you here (love puppy pic). Hope you get some answers soon. jennifer


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