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Hey, does anyone have any advice /experience re creams/meds to help with lupus sun rash :-(

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Got really caught out yesterday. Not sun block but anything to help after the rash has appeared? I already take hydrochloroquine.

Thanks any help would be appreciated

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Avoid anything with perfume! I use dermol moisturiser which helps to keep skin soft.

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The only thing that works for me is steroids

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Sunsense Ultra 50+, Aussie sunblock which I get on prescription, I use daily, you can get a pink toned one which is a good cover up.

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I get Sunsense 50+ too on prescription - I get a Rollaball one which is great for keeping in your bag and then just whipping out roll over the skin and done - much better than bottle or tube. I also have Diprasone cream from the Dr's it cools the rash and usually clears it in a couple of days.

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Temporary taking Prednisone from the doctor and stay out the sun is the best to calm down rash from the sun for now. Good luck my friend.

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Thanks for everyones help, off to the Drs today to get some steroids, have had them in the past but not had such a sever rash for ages and will try and get some Sunsense as Nivea 30+ doesnt seem to protect anymore !

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To be honest if your looking for the rash to clear up then its hydroxy that can help in the meantime try some e45 this helps any itching or redness die down avoid anything hot next to your face belive me the rash continues if I go next to a bath and in future try sunsense 50spf I have roll on helps a bunch

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Hello. I have sun sense - Ego - 50+ on presecription. I've been wearing it on my face all winter. You can buy the tinted one for your face on Amazon - you can wear it on it's' own or as a base for make up. 30 SPF is not enough for lupus. As fir your skin after being in the sun, I have struggled to find some thing to use on my sensitive, dry skin and Holland and Barrett Manuka Honey Active 15+ products are lovely, there is lotion, hand cream etc also shampoo and conditioner which I find soothing on my very sore scalp. Good luck, I hope you find something that works for you!

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Thanks for asking this question. I have a problem from getting caught out in very hot weather on Saturday when down in Wiltshire. Must get some of this sunsense. It sounds the way to go. I get burnt so very quickly. Manuka honey is very good. E45 is an absolute no, no for me, i'm allergic to it.

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Hi stay out of sun between 11am and 4 your gp should give you a prescription for sunsence 50+ also if you take hydrocloxychloroquine it should gradually improve you reaction to the sun g

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Have been on Hydrocloxychoroquine since being diagnosed with Lupus 10 years ago really unsure if it does make any difference but too scared to stop. No reaction to sun at all last year even managed a day on the beach in Devon which was bliss but this year... a couple of hours out reading my book and bang! majority of my face is itchy and blistered. Still just about managing to go to work, not sure which is worse the stares and no comment or the interest in the disease especially as i work for a medical diagnostics company! I have got a shed load of prednisolone from Drs should last most of the summer and some sunsense on repeat script yay! Currently sat at my desk with a lovely fan direcected at my face.... sorry to go on but fantastic to find like minded bods at long last... love and thanks to all

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Moisturise regularly .

if it doesn't go then steroid cream I was prescribed. Eases the itch if its itchy too.

Take antihistamines too.x

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metlipreditnislolona Lexema 1mg helps and not harsh on the skin

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