UVA window filters


i have UVA photosensitivity, with reactions within minutes, i've had a quote for Dermaguard but it's way out of my budget, especially as it's an unplanned expenditure.

does anybody have any experience of getting any help with funding, donations etc - I'm desperate as I;m limited to two rooms in my house, can't use my kitchen or bathroom after noon when the sun hits them and that will become more of a problem as the uv index progresses.

any advice would be helpful, even time scales of how long it took to get the filters in place going down the 'red tape' route.

I'm going to call my consultants secretary tomorrow to see if she can point me in the right direction, give me an idea of time scales but personal experience always best...



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  • I'll send you a private message with a couple of suggestions.

  • You should get in touch with dawnepearse on the site who has a post titled - UV glass

  • Thanks for y your help guys

  • can someone recommend where i can get my car windows done as well. I'm in london.



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