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Newbie, still in diagnosis limbo

Hello all! I am new to the forums; I have been having symptoms for over 10 years now; mostly chalked up to fibromyalgia, but over three years ago I started having symptoms so worrying I was in hospital several times. My Rheumy diagnosed me as sero-negative arthritic, but he made clear it was more a "wait and see" diagnosis. I tried methotrexate (which I proved allergic to), then sulfasalazine, which worked well for a year and a half, but now my GP has confirmed via blood tests is no longer working; I'm flaring pretty badly, but the rheumy is on annual leave and I'm still waiting for a new diagnosis or for medication which may actually start to work. No fun :/

I've not had a diagnosis for lupus but I have several friends who have it, all of whom have told me my own symptoms is pretty much what they went through (including not believed at first, which is thankfully no longer the case as the blood tests clearly show I have some raised markers). I don't know if I hope for a diagnosis - I pretty much just treat myself as if I had one and avoid certain things, and try to do as much self-care as I can. I'm a bit worried now as I've no idea what medication is left to try - I was feeling better than I had for a decade on the sulfasalazine. Not sure what's left?

Anyway, thanks for being here, I will certainly visit back as I try to get a handle on things.

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Few more drugs to try, so don't give up :)


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