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lupus and looking like you have aged quickly?

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Have any of you older ladies, new to lupus etc...Do you think your looks have aged faster all of a sudden ,since diagnoses? I swear I look in the mirror and Ive aged lots in this last year...(I am 57 and a half:) but Ive always looked younger for my age, but whoa not lately...I wonder is it the meds...or the mild lupus..or what?

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I think I have. I have a terrible complexion with a faint redness that I never used to have. I've also got frown type lines between my eyes. I tend to frown or squint when tired or the sun is slightly bright. I come from young skin and my mum and sisters have good skin but in the last few years I have been aware of looking older quicker. I don't have loads of lines and in that way things remain good but its the colour - a vague blotchy red. Ident think its the meds as I've been noticing it for longer than I have been on the meds. Maybe I am getting old - I certainly feel it lol x

Yes I feel I have aged 10years ,in the last 3 ,my face has aged my body obviously has changed dramatically and yes I think it's all the drugs especialy the steroids I refuse them know , I am told that I still look young for my age I still pass for being in my 40 s but people who haven't seen me in the last 3 or 4 years who I have seen in last few months when I have gone to surgery etc , have walked past me and stopped and turned back ,to me in total shock when the realisation hits them it's me ,it's very upsetting on top of everything else this diesease has stolen my life ,which I had only just got back after my divorce .

are you still on plaquinil..or hydroxychloroquin?

No I was taken off it in march ,because rummie was worried about my eyes , he has said he will put me back on something else like it once I have seen the eye specialist . I miss it as I am exhausted all the time again , was taken out yesterday afternoon to one of the big house open gardens events it was lovely but I have suffered for it today x

aww hope you feel better...Its a weird tired, I know...take care.

Yes...sadly...not so much wrinkles and pink cheeks and brown spots, but the puffiness under my eyes from kidney problems and darkness under my eyes and side of eyes by bridge of nose. What can u do? It is what it is. I am low end and not on meds yet. I think it's the disease, not the meds.

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im really dark under the eyes now too...

I take bicarb of soda to help with kidneys. It may be worth you trying that if you are not on any meds. I was prescribed it by my renal team. I once asked a doctor if it was the same as the stuff you might have in the kitchen and she said yes

I take 500mg morning and evening.

Thanks overnight....I will try... I assume u put in water and drink? Is that the same as baking soda? So cool...thanks...

I get sodium bicarbonate 500mg capsules. But I asked GP once if it was the same stuff that you could measure on a spoon and she said yes. Only thing is I think it goes by a different name in the US and unsure what it is but think it is baking soda

It seems to fit in with the whole idea of making things more alkaline

A friend of mine who didnt realise I was already taking it said she had been advised to mix some in a glass of water. So again 'sounds' like it could be the same

But dont take chances with kidneys as things can deteriorate and become life threatening really quickly. If you think your kidneys are bad you should be being monitored at least.

Take care

ok my Dad was British, and he use to call baking soda.."bicarbonative soda"...

in USA might be Arm and Hammer baking soda...

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we use to have stuff in canada called"Cow brand" baking soda...Im not sure but think it neutralizes your system..Maybe from acidic to alkaline (?) Don't quote me on that one...

There are lots of claims in that quoted article, but from my own experience there appears to be some validity in some of what is said.

When I get a white furry tongue, which is a classic sign of being run down, I cut the dairy products and drink hot lemon, which is alkaline. It always seems to clear the white tongue.

Does the same work with infections generally? I have not tried the complete alkaline test to know.

But if anyone is considering trying this it is important to do things in moderation. Too much of anything is not usually good either.

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Look up Santos Bonacci and determining deficiencies. Look past the woowoo aspect.

I saw a lady the other day that always looked super young for her age....All of a sudden she looks not so good...I didn't even recognize her. She has hypothyroid, but still slim enough looking (was a ballerina at one time)...but she has Ryanauds (sp) too...I suspect she has lupus too, because she was explaining all this other stuff...I said ask your Doc to check for that, as can be mild too. Thing is she was helping on a fishing boat, so in the sun a lot!!! I never got to tell her stay out of the sun...Yes that can also age you I know...The reason I thought meds can age you, is you liver/kidneys have to work harder to get rid of the drugs etc in your system...I must have had the lupus for a wee while, but noticed the rapid aging more after the meds...It could be worry too, Im sure. I don't take much of the meds, but my body has always disliked stuff like that...I try to do all the right things....but yes still tired.

Yeah I am 50 but get a shock in mirror each morning now. I have put it down to toxic meds affecting skin tone etc. What looks much oldercto me is my stance. I used to do a lot of dancing but I have joint and muscle issues and my frame looks sort of fragile to me like a little old lady. Actually I am goingcto ask for another dexa scan to check my bone mass. Thanks for the reminder!! X

Im seeing it really fast in the lines around my mouth now ,and nose area...(almost over night sometimes)..I swear it!

For me it was aerobic dance., was.very addicted to that! I had to stop after years, because things started But then I got into hiking mountains...Im lucky if I get around the block I do lite weights, but it doesn't make much difference....I sleep like a log, but still tired later...

Hm, I think that after 50 you notice more dramatic changes in your looks even when you are healthy, I think it is natural. Having said that, when I don't feel well, e.g. have a viral infection, I do look much older - white unhealthy skin, sunken eyes etc. And, of course, now permanent circle around the eyes, unhealthy skin don't help either.

Yes, started looking ( and feeling) much older since age 55 when menopause finally arrived (now 58). I was always extrememly active. Walked and cycled for many miles since my 30's. Now I'm fat and hobble about. It's not medications because I don't take any, so it's the process, and hormones I think.

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I was thinking that maybe after menopause aging happens quicker...RATS HORMONES AGAIN!!!

Menopaused at 53 and a half for me, and still looked fine until this last year, and Im 57....

My Mom looked great even in her 80's, but darker skin and green eyes. I have dark hair, but fair skin and blue eyes(double rats! ;) Its ok, im still smiling...just don't look in the mirror too much.

ok,..anyone got any good remedies they try?

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Brown paper bag over head? Curse the dud genetics I have been handed? Or I could listen to my mother in law - aged 89 and looks sixty - who tells me that if I hadn't been so active when younger then I wouldn't have "worn my body out" and wouldn't be in the state I am now. I didn't have the pampered life she had though.

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LOL!!! so now its bad we were active?...that figures;(......yes my Mom had things pretty easy too.,.except Dad like to nag.

Oh Dear......

Just had a real giggle at the 'brown paper bag' remedy!!! Thank you Catlady58 Hee Hee.

I also get the ...if you hadn't been so sporty....Isn't hindsight a wonderful thing!

I place mirrors around my flat that aren't in my direct eyeline...but open the rooms up.

I try and use base cream directly after bath/shower...I could bathe in it and it wouldn't make any difference...psychologically I like to believe it's keeping my skin lightly moistened....My neck looks like a tortoise's....all mottled from scarring etc... I love animals so hey...

I use a tinted 50+ sunscreen....then blemish stick...Gets 'em everytime.... you're looking better today......that's

apart from imitating a panda in the eye's too sore to put anything round them...except owl eye sunglasses!!!!

At 56 I feel like I'm 90 most of the time and have the stance to go with it....The community physiotherapist put me down as 'frail'......I'm 5ft 6...was 5ft 8 five years ago and on the 'well built' registar.....the wheelchair assessor queried the frail, but when they saw me trying to get mobile, understood what she meant! (it's those boxes we have to tick folks!)

IF I get to 80 maybe I'll look good for your age!!!! xx

I'm getting shorter too! I was 5'8" and must be 5'6" now. I hadn't noticed, but my 6' son pointed it out. Although I am going down in height, at the same time I am going out in girth, so am rapidly resembling a wibbly wobbly toy. As a teen I bemoaned my greasy skin, now I am a sun dried raisin, except the sun now makes me itch and the cold weather brings on the Raynauds. Never mind, life goes on and we make the most of it. It is nice to have this forum though and have a bit of a laugh ;)

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My Mom use to say she had shrunk....You watch, I'll finally lose a few pounds then bet I shrink...Its just gonna happen;(

Were all in this together girls:) <3

You all made me laugh! Thanks!!!

I feel your pain. I was diagnosed in November 2013 and was Ill most of that year leading up to diagnosis. I look at myself and my malar / butterfly rash has scarred me and becomes very obvious if I have a glass of wine or get slightly hot. I can't seem to hide it well with make-up when I go out. I think I have aged badly in the last year. When friends take photos I look at myself and am always embarrassed that they look so good and I look terrible. I think being diagnosed with Lupus hit me for 6 and I have lost confidence completely. So you are not alone. If anyone has a wonder make-up please let me know!

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the only miracle thing I have been given is this stuff that looks horrible coming out of the tube, but does indeed fill in fine lines, and that ropey look around the says its a base, anti age primer, skin smoothing, by ROC* sublime energy. It looks grey coming outta the tube, but smooths on clear..,stuff is pretty good!!! Im in Canada, but I think ROC is worldwide product. Gotta get it at a good beauty counter, costs a touch more..but not bad.

My daughter occasionally works at a beauty counter...the only miracle thing I have been given is this stuff that looks horrible coming out of the tube, but does indeed fill in fine lines, and that ropey look around the says its a base, anti age primer, skin smoothing, by ROC* sublime energy. It looks grey coming outta the tube, but smooths on clear..,stuff is pretty good!!! Im in Canada, but I think ROC is worldwide product...I recommend that one for sure...

ps...We have tendons and collagen etc in our if lupus affects tendons etc, then in theory it would affect your looks of your face...That's if say your have pain in your face ever...Not sure if you can have lupus affect your face or not, except rash etc....(maybe sjorgens (sp)... Take your vitamin C and Glucosamine/chondrontin...

 I had the same experience. I didn't use corticosteroids or anti-malarics, but homeopathics which I noticed did the exactly same changes, mainly hormonal: gain weight, strongly accelerated age. When I noticed it, I made some experiments on my own, and after some years of them, I can say, the accelerated ageing is definitely related to the hormonal changes after the cure of lupus. It led me even to stop the cure, because even after the flares, I feel myself much better with less energy and some pain, but there is something too heavy and really not pleasant in my chemistry  and brain during the cure which I do not prefer. I really thank you for the question because I think it must be the subject of further researches which can lead to the next discoveries regarding lupus, personally I believe slower ageing is somehow related to lupus (I could see it already on my mother).

ok...Im at 60 now....I feel better and look better, who knows what is Lupus or menopause stuff....or for me even thyroid stuff??? So much over laps....Ive had a couple good feeling years here lately....BUT, all of a sudden that calcium crystal thing in the knee...maybe knees and an elbow is starting to hurt...again. Pseudo gout, cppd, chondrocalcinosis...and the GP (new) wont give me diclofenac, which always worked like a charm and i use sparingly...I look like me again though....:) and apparently i have shrunk LOL

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