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hello lupus buddies,

ive had a slight sore throat, a runny blocked nose and constant sneezes (ALOT)and a pathetic cough for last 5 days or more. when ive had a cold I always have a mega sore throat,and hacking cough and loose my voice. im feeling pants in general and feel hot although my hubby says im cool to touch.

he thinks it might be hayfever but can you get it at 42 without ever having it?

now the sun is shining im slapping on sun block and disguising purple blotches on my face, night sweats and nightmares have returned with force and im so so tired but im scared to sleep as my dreams feel really real. im grumpy and snappy.i just wana hide away in the wardrobe until summer passes. :(

any advice would be gratefully received,thankyou xx

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People develop asthma at any age so why not hay fever.

Although the main symptoms of hay fever are the itching running nose. The nasal drip with sore itchy throat and often itching watery eyes. Don't forget the sneezing and exhaustion that comes too. We don't all get very symptom and it varies what we get.

But there are no purple blotches, night sweats or nightmares that's probably the wonderful Lupus


thankyou, yes as soon as we have more than 2 days of sunshine my purple blotches appear,and any temp above 21 and night sweats and nightmares return. sometimes I dread summer time,i know that's bad to say as everyone around me loves it but I have less symtoms and pain in the winter.

my eyes are sore and puffy but not watery as ive dry eyes and mouth...... lupus hey! x


I have asthma and am allergic to grass, dogs, cats, tree bark, mould and other things. When its hay fever season, I smear vaseline on my eye lashes and up my nostrils - sounds strange I know but my theory is that the vaseline catches a lot of allergens and therefore prevents too severe effects, also I'm lucky enough to have air conditioning in my car and NEVER drive along with the window down. With regards to keeping cool - I spend a fair amount of time in Turkey and find that loose linen trousers and loose tops (with or without sleeves) and a hat with a wide brim really help. Also, I never sit or lie in the sun or under canvas umbrellas - I only sit in 'hard' shade.


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