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Feeling pleased with myself!

I've managed a day with 11000 girl guides, from 4 to one >100 year old lady. I was only watching 11 mind. ;).

We went to Wetherby race course with lots on to keep them entertained. I had my sitter and , thank heavens, we sat a lot. I had a kind of normal day, although I was the only Leader wearing a big rimmed beach hat, and felt rather self conscious. But I've always burnt and I've not trialled this uv sensitivity yet. Absolutely shattered now though but feeling like I've accomplished something. Goodness knows how I will feel tomorrow. I know my ankles hurt.

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Well I am soooo tired from yesterday but after the initial stiff start I'm moving better. There doesn't seem to be too many aches in the feet and even the ribs are ok but I could go back to sleep, i have that hangover feeling without the alcohol. My hat did quite a good job and I have only a slight change in the colour of my face but the blotchy redness underneath can still be seen. So does that mean my skin is ok or that I did a good job with the sun factors and shade. I'm sure all the guides we took will have lovely tans starting, hopefully no burns.

By the way, M&S have a couple of big floppy hats that are UVA 50+ for sale at the minyte


Hello! Sounds like you had a busy Saturday! Well done for being a guide leader! Reminds me of my childhood, as my mum was Snowy Owl at Brownies for years. The sun had surprised me this last few days. I had underestimated the photosensivity. I went to town to do some errands last Thursday and was covered by long trousers, long sleeve top, shoes not sandals, 50+ cream on my face etc - just didn't think about my hands - within an hour they had blistered! I now have sore, itchy hands. Spent Saturday hiding under clothes, sun glasses, floppy hat and cream - hands under a beach towell! I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb. Don't want to spend the whole summer inside the house though, well I can't anyway, I have 3 small children. I guess I'll just have to be as careful as possible. Good luck to you with the sun shine.


Hi Wendy

Thank you, I thoroughly enjoy being a guide leader most of the time, although I often drag myself to the meetings. Luckily they are on my day off so I try to rest between household chores and save my energy for the meeting. When I was feeling more energetic I agreed to go organise the next camp and now I'm wishing I didn't! It's ok though because there will be 2 other leaders at night and an extra in the day. I even bought my self a fold up bed rather than the roll. I learnt last year that I didn't sleep for the pains, as well as not being able to move for hours once I managed to get up. I have also been Brown Owl but had to give up when I got ill.

How are you feeling now? I haven't put the uv thing to the test. Id rather look daft like on saturday andI tend to cover in suntan cream and clothes but I think I may be ok. Saying that I have never tanned easily. Lived in Australia 7 months over their summer and hardly changed colour. I wasn't willing to burn and I can't sit in it.

You take care- cover the hands :)


Not so pleased any more. I've ended up so tired today that I've had to admit to myself I need to reduce to 3 days. I'm not happy and it is temporary at the minute but this isn't the life I had planned


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