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Had bladdet and kidney check ultrasound even got results today everything is normal it just says CONCLUSION: NORMAL UPPRR RENAL TRACTS now call me stupid this was added separately do is it normal? What is a upper renal tract? CONFUSED.COM so please help me out here I collected these results as I couldn't wait keep getting the urge to urinating hence the ultrasound no such luck understanding and they charged me 50p to get the results please all help with understanding please appreciate it thanks afia

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  • Upper renal tract is the kidney.. The kidney contains in the middle a calyx & renal pelvis where urine is filtered & collected to leave body. This is very elementary since I have not studied kidneys in a long time. Just anatomy stuff. Don't worry so much.please.

    You can look anything up on Web site.

  • Metoyou...I was just going to post my observations today about what happened to me the past couple of days. I started feeling a UTI coming on. Infections common in lupus people. I seem to have a chronic UTI. I take a daily cranberry supplement. Double up on it when it seem to be having a problem. Started getting back kidney pain. I was in a panic at this point and thought I had to go to the hospital for kidney infection. Took another cranberry supplement and drank two cups of ginger tea thinking the pain was my kidneys inflamed for some reason. (Something I ate, stress ---comforted a friend yesterday whose husband hit her)....pain went away. Thank goodness. Inflammation of the kidney is what I believe is going on. I also have scarred kidneys from these constant UTIs . dr. Said kidney will compensate and I will be ok with this scarring. But, I don't want to get more scarring, so I have to watch infections. So hard....take care, and try the ginger, turmeric teas to see if u can get some relief. I feel a lot better today and still pounding ginger tea and trying to drink more water.

  • An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Controlling (not eliminating) your carbohydrate intake reduces the risk of bacterial infections that feed on the sugars (all digestible carbs are turned to sugar in the body), and thrive in the acidic environment.

  • I didn't think I was eating a lot of carbs. I will have to look at my diet that day. I had felafel in a salad the day before. Hmmm...

  • These tend to be chronic conditions; not something that happens overnight.

  • Be careful with cranberry if you're taking warfarin - see here guidance from the uk regulator mhra.gov.uk/Safetyinformati....

  • Not on warfarin, but thank you for the info. My sister, who is a doctor, takes cranberry daily for UTI problems. Yes, I have had them my whole life..

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