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Charity Fun Run Link: (amended link)

This is not a question, but more people read this page than Posts!

My daughter is running the 10k Run dressed as Superhero this coming Sunday in Regent's Park.

She is doing it for Lupus UK, which means for all our benefit. She is suffering from Hypermobility, so the effort she is putting into it is remarkable.

If anyone would like to sponsor her, no matter how small the amount, she (and all of us) would greatly appreciate it:) Here is the link:

Thanks for reading this and join me in wishing all the runners good luck and well done

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Ra!Ra! Rachel! You go, girl! Ursi, wish Rachel all the very best on Sunday from those of us here on the forum who really appreciate her efforts on our behalf (and every penny raised is *so* welcome). I hope she really enjoys the day, and that she makes some new friends as well. My sister did the Breast Cancer 10K a year after radical double mastectomy, chemo and radiation, so I know how *very* hard this can be for someone not in the peak of health - but she and her wonderful group of friends had a smashing day, even if she was then exhausted, and I know Rachel will too. Tell her to make sure she has set aside time to pamper herself and recover afterwards; sounds like she's going to deserve it!


Thank you very much for your lovely words and the donation. Hope you are doing ok.

Best wishes from Rachel and Mum


Let us know how Rachel does on Sunday - and pix of her in Superhero costume too!


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