Hi all hope you are well

Strange experience at drs today took symptoms list for dr to look at before seeing rheumy on Friday .dr said it was fine and asked if I had enough medication, i told her I had enough until Monday ,she said she would give me another prescription now because when rheumy prescribes medication on Friday it will run in conjunction with what I am taking .she then went on to mention lupus and sjogrens but said she could not diagnose it.i then asked her about a certificate as I have not worked for the past month, she said best to wait until Monday for that and made me an appointment . I have had a lot of blood tests done over the last month and got rheumatologist app very quickly. Do you think dr already knows?


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  • Hi Alan, all my bloods ordered by rheumy, also go to my GP if their name is on the form. Having said that, if it is all in the same PCT, It should be on the computer anyway. Did GP give you a new med to take? It does seem that she may have been in contact with rheumy, but that could be a simple matter of wanting to know if she or rheumy are going to deal with you. As your appt is close, all of the details are better managed by the rheumy. My GP used to call me in every time my tests were not right. They don't bother me now with them until they clear it with rheumy first. Hope all is ok for you Alan. Let us know how you get on.

  • Thanks 6161

  • Is it the first time for ruemi keep an open mind take your list of symptoms and meds try and be clear in what you say and good luck hope it goes well g

  • Hi farmerfester yes it is my first time keeping my fingers crossed no doubt be loads of tests involved thanks Alan

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