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Anyone use an app to record and monitor their blood test results?


I have monthly blood tests and I usually have several vaules out of range (too low, too high) and it's difficult for me to keep track of any trends from the mountains of paper I'm accumulating. I don't trust my GP to spot any trends or to necessarily understand certain values and their significance or otherwise related to my MCTD and the medication I'm on.

I'd like to use an app on my iPad where I can record all my blood test results and produce a graph that will give a graphic representation of my blood values and any trends so I can spot anything that concerns me and refer it to my consultant between appointments and be able to easily share the information with them when I do see them.

Does anyone use or can anyone recommend any app that will do this for me and that will allow me to put in reference ranges (as they differ from lab to lab) and that is geared towards UK users? Thanks.

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Blood test monitor for the iPad in the apt store

I have put all mine on an excel spreadsheet. I then highlight in red those that are out of range and blue those that are marginal. I then email myself a copy every time so it is always on my mobile if needed.

My test results are recorded in a book supplied by the hospital GP fills in book every month with test results

tashi in reply to tracynoe

That would be useful, I might ask hospital for one. I am very lucky that both consultants (rheum & dermatology) and my GP are really responsive to blood results, they have all contacted me when there's been changes that need extra blood tests or immediate changes in meds. And importantly, they explain what it means in terms that I understand. I am saddened so many people on here, can't trust their medics - NHS postcode lottery time/money/level of care?

Thanks for the suggestions everyone :-D

My hospital supplied a book and taught me how to fill it in every month,l get a print out at the Drs and then fill it in myself. If l am worried l contact my Lupus nurse and she sorts it out for me. Hope this helps .

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