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my ANA tests came back i don't even know what it means, im just confused on the test being fine but my body feeling like crap

my ANA tests came back i dont even know what it means, im just sick of the test being fine but my body feeling like crap

My ana Tests came back and im confused all my other blood work was normal but a few wbc

any way my Ana testes were

ANTI-SSDNA = My value 245 Std Range <=90 ( negative 0-98) (Equivocal 99-200)


SSA (RO) = VALUE= 0 RANGE= 0-90

ANTI -SSB = VALUE = 0 RANGE = 0-72



i have pain in all of my joints, no sign of swelling i dont think but have alot of popping , i get a weird numb feeling in arms and feet/ legs (almost like its asleep) i have swollen lymph nodes, rash on chest cheeks and across nose. also im extremely tired. i was diagnosed with raynods a few years ago.

Its just so frustrating and confusing my ESR test was normal, rbc, k, all those tests were normal. my wbc was a little low and a few others were right on the dot normal on the low side. so things are just not making since. im starting to just give up and say its in my head get over myself. BUT IM IN PAIN and im sick of it. I really dont care if i cant find the right treatment right away i just want an answer what it is. fighting this for 8 years now. finely had a blood test last year and everything was normal and i was told its growing pains. well im sorry but i am 20 years old ( 19 at the time ) its not growing pains, if it is then its not working.I have been 5.1 for a long time.

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Anti ssdna is not specific, unfortunately - it occurs in many other conditions (including lupus) but if everything else is negative, as your results are, then you won't get diagnosed with lupus unless you've got a good rheumatologist that is prepared to look at all your symptoms and diagnose on that basis.

I understand your frustration very well - you need to push the consultants to not focus on the diagnosis but on giving you treatment as if you'd have an autoimmune disease (which sounds like you do). This way you can at least start recovering.

My antibodies test results have always been negative save for ANA (which is a specific test) which has always been positive but my rheumatologist has listened to my symptoms, put me on a trial of steroids and when I improved dramatically, he diagnosed me with lupus and started treatment.

Don't despair but realise that you need to be your own advocate and insist on getting treated until your symptoms improve. Good luck.


Hi kkgirl,

The ANA test is positive in about 95% of people with lupus, which is why so many doctors are reluctant to make a diagnosis without a positive result. It could be that you are part of the 5% or it could be that your symptoms are of another condition. Who are you currently seeing regarding these symptoms? Is it just your GP or are you also seeing a specialist at hospital?


Hi kkgirl, Im ANA negative .. Ive been diagnosed with Lupus through a biopsy but that showed Discoid with Photosensitivity ... since then my health deteriorated ... Id already lost my hair and then lost my eyebrows and lashes, diagnosed with Arthritis and Sicca .. Ive now been diagnosed with nerve problems and have symptoms of Raynaud's ... Ive seen a Dermatologist, Rheumatologist and now a Neurologist ... within a year ... Ive fibromyalgia symptoms along with drooping eyelid ... my bloods are normal barr Anemia ... Ive also been diagnosed with Spondylosis with nerve entrapment. The consultants are now getting together to talk about all my symptoms ... I await a total diagnosis .. The Rhuma wants me to go to London ... but its way to far my fatigue is awful and Ive no energy .. its hard for me driving 15 mins for the school run .... I know how you feel .. Ive no answers for you ... I only hope that you do get answers ... x


There is a growing school of thought that believe the many negative ANA tests in people who are obviously suffering the disease is more to do with our current methodology for testing not being good enough , I know this wont get you a diagnosis but hang in there , blood changes , its tricky stuff...


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