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Has anybody been diagnosed with Bronchiectasis?

Hi was just wondering if anybody has been diagnosed with Bronchiectasis.I have been having problems with a terrible cough that produces lots of mucus,this has been a problem for a few years now and has got worse.

I have been told at the chest clinic that my consultant thinks it may be Bronchiectasis.

I have to have a ct scan next Tuesday on my lung to confirm this.

I have also been referred to ENT clinic.

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Try to keep a short reply, but I got told this last year. I had a routine X-ray and told to repeat it. I had an ongoing cough, I know for me it was the methotrexate that caused it. GP said X-rays showed bronchiectasis, but ct scan will confirm. I had ct and was told not sure about the bronchi but lupus and metho had damaged my lungs. Had to have another ct, this time laying on my front. Results said nothing wrong with anything except, emphysema because I smoke. Discharged me, denying the earlier diagnosis. Obviously I run the risks with smoking, but wonder what they would have said if I didn't smoke. Think some cover up because I continually complained about methotrexate. When I first had X-rays I rang British lung foundation. They were great. I must ring them back myself. Hope you have a clear ct. Take care


I smoked until October 2012.


Hi there, I'm sure I've read somewhere that if you quit smoking for one year or more your risk of damage reduces phenomenally, and will eventually return to that of a non-smoker, so even though smoking may have had some role in starting this illness way back it shouldn't still be affecting the condition now given it's more that 12 months since you quit. And by the way, WELL DONE for quitting smoking, I know how hard it is having previously quit for two years, but started again a few years ago when stress got the better of me.

Take care and good luck for your scan.


Thankyou,I did find it very hard to quit but it was a case of I had to.I ended up being rushed by ambulance from my doctors surgery when I nearly stopped breathing.

I had a chest infection and major asthma attack.


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