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Knee cap realignment surgery (elmslie trillat) help please

Hello, I'm after some advice, and really hope you can help...I had an elmslie trillat operation in November (realigns the patella from dislocating) I've had a full leg cast for 8 weeks now and can fully weight bear on it. I am due to have it removed on Tuesday, what should I expect in terms of walking, bending ect? And will I be able to drive? I've been doing my exercises religiously too and everything feels fab. I have asked my surgeon for advice but they are saying I have to wait until Tuesday but I would like some info for a peace of mind.

Thank you

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Your quads will be very weak, bending will be painful and you may need a back slab ( half a cast ) for a while or knee brace ....

Driving is a no unless you have automatic .

I have had many knee operations

And as it's a very complex joint they take a lot TLC after op and lots of static quads .

Hope all goes well ... Forgot to mention the 8 weeks growth of hair ... Hahahaha that's the worst shock of all .



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