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I am undergoing investigations for low blood sugar level. Is this yet another audio immune or does this run with SLE?

I have autonomic neuropathy which affects the control of blood pressure, pulse rate and my bowel. I am told that this is as a result of the lupus although it is yet another one of the auto immune family. I am told it is rare but is seen in lupus patience. Does anyone else have this condition and especially the low blood sugar? What treatment if any were you offered? Many thanks!

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Yes I get what they call associated hypoglycemia .... Which happens around time of menstruation ....... Really horrible feeling .


Are you taking Plaquenil? Plaquenil can lower your blood sugar. I found that after being on Prednisone, which increases blood sugar, and being on Plaquenil I was having a lot of hypoglycaemic episodes. After a couple of months it settled down some, and is just something to watch for and is a quick fix.


Many thanks for your reposes. I have been on Plaquenil for a number of years now. I have heard of associated hypoglycaemia. Will have a look at this and possibly ask the consultant when I see him on the 15th Jan. I carry glucose sweets which usually help. After having a hypo it can leave me feeling a bit shaky for the rest of the day and certainly I can't do anything that puts demand on my energies or it could trigger another hypo. My sugar level has gone down to 2.8

All the best to everyone out there with lupus and trust 2014 will be a much better year for you all.


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