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Just reading on on the t'interweb and my mouth ulcers could very well be 'Trench mouth'!

I had a really bad flare last weekend. New symptoms including swelling, hot to touch elbows and knees but I developed a mouth full of ulcers and over my front tooth and the one next to it, I have noticed a huge hole in which some of my gum is receding... Very sore,inflamed and red. I have tried igloo and mouth wash. I have only been diagnosed a few months.... So it's all a learning curve for me. Who do you see the dentist or GP (again)?

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My mum uses a little olive oil.she says it helps. Xx


Go see the dentist and mention your diagnosis. He/she will clean the area and suggest appropriate mouth wash etc. in time you will learn how to resolve it yourself but it is good to have it seen properly to start with.


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