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Just had flue jab

Hi all, had the flue jab 4 days ago and apart from abit of a sore arm, and a little bit raised its fine....why im posting is that while is was in the doctors the nurse said is your partner with you, yep hubbys in waiting room call him in she said as we also advise partners of patients with lupus who help care for them to get flue jab so in he went fab we both protected now what a fab nurse. Im in wales so not sure if this applies else where, but thought i would share x

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Yes,I'm in Liverpool and for the past few years my husband and son and daughter have had the flu jab too on the advice of my renal team, mainly as I am immuno-compromised due to kidney transplant, but this would apply anyway as I was on immunosuppressants before my transplant. Less exposure to potential infection, I suppose!


my hubby is my carer and he also has the flu jab, he had his jab last week and I had mine when I had my last bloods done.


Thanks for the tip, I didn't know that. My boyfriend (and carer) also works full time in a department store.... That's a lot a germs to bring back to someone on immunosuppressants! I'll see if my GP have any jabs left. Thanks!


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