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What causes the capillary to leak?

Hi guys.just wanted to share some info with you.I was at the eye clinic today and saw my eye scan for the first time and had it actually explained to me. Last year i had collapsed and was rushed to hospital. But before that it took an eye optcian to find the problem i have got at the back of my eye.Which rheumy suggested a name called "behcet disease." Anyway going back to eye clinic today she explained to me what the scan was showing. A capillary leak that took place some time ago. What i wanted to know is,and didnt ask the doctor,

Is it possible that systemic diseases like sjogren snd SLE could have caused this? and is it possible to re accur? I see eye clinic every 3 months.I know its rare. Im currently on hydroxy and low steroids. Feeling great by the way! ;-) some sound advice would be appreciated. Hope everybody is feeling good today!

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