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Reclaim ESA while awaiting an appeal

Below is a block of text I have copied and pasted from a Guardian article. I haven't verified its accuracy - but since I often see posts from people who are in desperate straits after having their benefits cut off, I thought it was worth sharing:

Someone with a disability who is knocked off employment support allowance can reclaim while awaiting an appeal. "But we are explicitly forbidden from telling them that – in black and white in the briefing pack – so these often very ill, quite confused and low-capability people are easy meat."

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Thanks for posting this, yet again I'm appalled at how this government treat the most vulnerable groups in society. It beggars belief that this is possible and yet staff are 'forbidden' from telling claimants! Thankfully this doesn't apply to me at this moment in time but I will bear it in mind and pass it onto others I know who may face this situation.


Cameron, Clegg and the Coalition of Cruelty....


Sick and tiered of this government !! Just like we are all sick and tiered of being sick and tiered !!!! Xxx Take care everyone xxx


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