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working with SLE

i've had SLE for two years and each day is a struggle."You name it i've got it" I have had to sign on for job seekers for the first time ( im 48 years old) because unable to carry on as a dog groomer. Job center making me go for jobs that i know will make me ill. Is anyone with SLE on the sick. My doctors and specialist have never taken any time to explain lupus to me, thank god for the internet because that is the only way i can find help. Thankyou.

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Hi, I had to finish work at age 50 when lupus took hold. As I was finished through ill health I applied for my pension. I was eventually given a letter from my specialist stating I wouldn't work again ( to support my pension application) I sent the letter to DSS so didn't have any problems being put in support group. I think you need to speak to GP and specialist ( hope they are approachable) and explain why you finished work and problems now. Good luck, hope it all works out for you


Ditto, I'm 45 and was 'medically retired' this year, I was diagnosed nearly three years ago, continued to work, reduced to part time to try and cope but couldn't and eventually finished. As jayfer says get help from GP and consultant to access correct benefits.


Hi I'm 32 and not worked since age 29 when SLE got the better of my kidneys (now on dialysis). Been in support group of sickness benefit ESA since. Had to fill out form explaining the severity of my situation a total of twice. Second time was left alone so no visits to job centre. Previous to all this was working full time as a A Level lecturer so really no sense in putting me on jobseekers as I had a perfectly good job but was forced to resign due to no fault of my own. It seems things can differ region to regions within the country but must seek advice and medical docs to support any claim.

When next you go to the job centre ask your advisor about Employment and Support Allowance and ask for the relevant form ESA50 and PIP which replaces DLA.

All the best.


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