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Lupus Unit At St Thomas Hospital

I dont know if any of you are aware but on the HFS HU community they are running a Petition to go to the CEO of St Thomas about the closure of the Louise Coote Lupus Unit. They want as many comments as possible about the discharging of patients who are supposedly STABLE and the closure of the unit which they want reversed.

If any of you on here feel so inclined to comment, Im sure they will be very grateful.

Here is a link to the Petition page:

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Sir Ron Kerr is the CEO at St Thomas's and Guys. We should contact 38degrees who campaign for lots of issues. They have a huge online support. They might be interested. They are currently challenging the Governments gagging Law. They might send him some signatures. They can get 1000s of people on board.


I sincerely hope that this unit does not get closed as it has been the difference between me feeling like I want to live and not. I was in a terrible state when I first started going there and now lead a pretty active life thanks to the expertise of these doctors. It would be a tragedy for this unit to close.

Madmagz x


I sincerely hope not as well. it is the largest unit of it's kind in Europe. So I hope that this is just a scare story, as the only reference I could find on HFS was concerning patients being discharged from St. Thomas' as their condition was classified as 'stable'.

So it would seem that some possible misunderstanding has happened here. I also know someone who works at St. Thomas' as she is unaware of the unit closing !!


I have received this comment to post from Yvonne Norton (Vice Chair & Trustee, LUPUS UK)

Current Status of Louise Coote Lupus Unit, St Thomas’ Hospital, London

Having such a large number of patients on the Louise Coote Lupus Unit’s books means that the time between follow-up appointments can be quite long and patients with lupus flares cannot be seen quickly. For this reason, patients who are considered to be stable are being referred back to their GP for ongoing care. Should problems arise and the GP needs support, the patient can be referred back to the Unit.

Currently, some lupus patients needing infusion treatment are receiving this at Guys Hospital under the care of lupus nurses and the renal lupus clinic is being transferred to Guys under the care of lupus consultants. Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital plan for the Louise Coote Lupus Unit to eventually move to Guys Hospital, where there would be more space and improved facilities for lupus patients attending as out-patients. It is not expected that this would occur for, at least, another two years. There is now, however, doubt being expressed that this move will take place. It really is a matter of ‘wait and see’. One thing can be assured, the excellent Team of Lupologists, led by Prof D’Cruz, will continue to give the best care and treatment possible to patients. Each patient is considered individually before having their ongoing care passed to their GP. Although, technically, a patient may be discharged, they will still be known to the Lupus Team who will have access to their notes and will be able to see them at the Louise Coote Lupus Unit should this be necessary. There are no plans to close the Louise Coote Lupus Unit, although it may move to a different location.

LUPUS UK works closely with Prof D’Cruz and his Team and has no worries about the continuing care of lupus patients either at St Thomas’ Hospital or Guys Hospital when this is necessary.

Prof David D’Cruz comments:

"The NHS is undergoing profound changes with the development of Clinical Commissioning Groups. The Louise Coote Lupus Unit has recently met the specifications to be commissioned by NHS England to provide highly specialised services for our patients. These changes will mean setting up clinical networks so that the Lupus Unit can work with local GPs and specialists to provide the highest quality of care with fewer appointments being needed. Far from closing the Lupus Unit, the Chief Executive and the Medical Director at Guys and St Thomas’ Hospitals have given their strong support to maintaining the reputation of the Lupus Unit as a national tertiary referral centre."

Yvonne Norton

Vice-Chair & Trustee, LUPUS UK


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