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Neck lymph node biopsy

Went to have a swollen lymph node In my neck checked on Thursday at ent. Have had it at least a year but another doc dismissed it without really checking so assumed it was down to the lupus. My new rheumy doc decided to send me to ent to have it checked. Anyway 1st doc looked and said didn't look to bad but he'd send me for ultrasound. Another doc carried that out and the next minute he's telling me he needs to take a biopsy as lymph nodes further down neck are swollen on left side only. Was quite uncomfortable but I knew it had to be done. Docs didn't really explain why they were doing it when I asked and my mind went blank cause everything happened so fast. Have to go back in 2 weeks for results but I'm getting worried it could be serious. Has anyone had this done for lupus? Has anyone had biopsy done for other reasons? He did ask if I had dry mouth and I said that I had been told I had sjogrens. Not having a flare at moment.

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wow! coincidence...I apparently have one same place as you!!! My neck was bothering me in a different way, and i thought maybe my thyroid (Im new to lupus apparently too)...I went to emergency...they hummed and hawed...gave me an ultrasound about 3 months later, then recently said they saw a lump..or swollen node thing...he said he will re check it in 3 months. I dont have a regular doc in canada now, shortage of docs, which makes it kinda hairy/scarey when your not well...I do have a rhumey though...I'm wondering are swollen lymph glands a lupus thing???


I had a biopsy last week and I was soo worried i could barely sleep.

It turned out to be just a symptom of the Lupus and not any thing more serious like cancer

so that was a relief


Agree with wotshernameagain, I get swollen lymph nodes in my neck all the time & yes, it can b 1 of the joys of having a chuffed up AI :/


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