Odd pain- help!

No idea how to describe this, but night before last my right arm, wrist, elbow was really painful, achy, but when I felt my wrist or elbow it did not hurt. Then last night it moved into both arms, neck and shoulders. Is it Lupus? Is it something else? How can you tell? It has been bad during the day today too. I have pushed through because I have to- work, looking after son, etc. But I am a bit scared. Was hoping gp would call tonight but she did not. Do not want another bad night.

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i have this too plus my shoulders are deformed-I cant put them back -caught one in a door today and it hurt like hell.i believe i have lupus from the tell tale butterfly rash and other symptoms btu my dr says different cos he says bloods are normal.he also said I don't have thyroid probs cos of bloods btu have all the symtpoms.seeing him tomorrow to sort out issues I have with him and symtpoms being neck is now swollen and definitely enl;arged glands.


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