Arghh! my leg!

ive a new symptom, it is happening within my left hip, its a quick sharp stabbing pain as regular as a heartbeat which send pins and needle like quick pains down my leg to my foot. happens when sitting but worse when laying down? standing eases it a little. wakes me from my sleep.

it happens on and off throughout the day and night? any ideas please? I havnt pulled a muscle or banged myself?

hope youre all ok x

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i had something similar to you earlier this started in my left .hip and went down back of my leg.i couldnt sleep cos I lay on my left side not ever having pain like it-a friend said it could be sciatica.i went to my gp.i cant remember if he said it was anything imparticular but did arrange fro me to go to physio -which helped a great deal and eventually it cleared.maybe you can give physio a try?


hi all,

for the first time im going to admit that i suffer with hip and leg pains all the time, pain is mostly in my right side - which is the side i had my stroke so i put every thing down to that ...

all the best jane74 xx


having a really pain filled day, my left knee is still hurting since Christmas 2012 and now that leg is giving me hell. pains are now constant and finding walking at work difficult without limping to ease the pain. maybe I could cut my leg off for a while!? LOL X


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