Independent Photographer Interested in Light Sensitivity for an Exhibition

We have been contacted by a teacher of photography and independent photographer who has been intrigued by the photosensitive condition since watching a TV programme on this. He is hoping to compile a photographic portrait study of sufferers of the condition to help highlight the condition and raise awareness.

He will ensure that he uses photographic techniques that won't harm you, including long exposure images in very low light levels. Secondly he will not use any image that the sitter does not give consent to be included. He is interested in showing the difficulty faced by patients with a range of light sensitive conditions and is keen to include electrosensitivity. He is happy to travel around the country to photograph people and expects this project to continue over some months. Initially he is interested in putting together work for an exhibition but later hopefully a documentary series. At the moment he has finished his teaching commitments and has a two week break during which he would like to make a start, most feasibly in the London and south-east area. His work can be viewed on his website:

If you are light sensitive and you’re willing to participate in this project, please email me at and I will pass your details along to the appropriate person.

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Have emailed you Paul. x


I too have sent you an email but I don't live in the south west


Hi Paul, i would like to take part also. I am in the east Anglia region. :-)


Yes! Please count me in. I'm I'm in the south east.


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