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Anyone given a short sharp oral prednisolone taper for persistent rash on feet/legs?

I get raised red sore prickly sle rashes in reaction to warmth and altitude, even when am staying out of the sun. These rashes are mainly on the less fleshy parts of me, eg, down my leg bone, on my arches, on my knees, elbows, chin etc. These rashes start up, and can persist for months, even once it is less hot or even warm. I have been on plaquenil 400mg daily for 2 years, and not had rashes in these areas during that time. I am 60 this year., and apparently have been coping with SLE since infancy...loads of rashes & other typical sle symptoms

2 years go, at my SLE (re) diagnosis, my rheumatologist told me & my gp to use this sort of taper for these sort of rashes: 20mg prednisolone for 3 days, 10mg for 2 days then stop.

Am hoping for advice from forum members on:

how soon to resort to this taper, if at all.

This set of rashes started on Friday. I see my gp this Wednesday

And I am curious whether any of you have been given a similar taper for my sort of rashes

(I recently responded vvvvv well to a 4week 10mg pred taper for a flare of pelvic girdle pain, joint pain, fatigue/brain fog/vertigo etc.)

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