Does anyone have stretchmarks tips?

Hi all,

Sorry to ask a very vain question bit I was wondering if anyone had tips on stretch marks. Due to all my water retention I had balooned in size all over my body. I have hideous strectch marks all over my stomach and all over my legs from my thieghs all he way down to my feet too.

Any tips would be good - I'm trying to do things that make me feel good and better about myself as all the symptoms and side effects of the steroids and other drugs are getting me down. I want to try and control what I can where possible.

Thanks in advance x

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hello rooks1984,

ive been trying bio oil, it smells nice and its helping fade a scar from surgery,bottle states it helps with stretch marks too. I too have stretch marks on my thighs but my legs don't see daylight (I have low body confidence) so ive learnt to put them out of my mind.

youre not vain at all, we have to look after our bodies especially having lupus. I hope youre coping ok with this heat ,take care x


Hi. When I was pregnant I used baby oil - few squirts in the bath water.....bit slippery but it did the trik!


Hi both thanks for your replies and hope you are both ok in the heat and its not too bad for you. I have been using bio oil and your right it does smell lovely. I do find it is very expensive though :( as I have so many stretchmarks I feel I go through so much so quickly. I have also been told that using pure Vitamin E oil mixed with a basic moisturizer does the job too.

I didn't think about using baby oil either thats a another god suggestion! thanks so much! x


Hi if you have a home bargins next to you they do a similar product to bio oil for £1 and it does the same job :) I totally understand what your going through I have gone from a size 6 to around a size 14 in two months I'm not happy and so swollen it has happened before thou and I did loose it eventually to dont worry.


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