Unstable to travel

My cousin is getting married in Thailand and I emailed the specialist nurse last week for advice re travelling. She rang me today to say that they had had a meeting about me and they are not happy for me to travel, she said I am too unstable. She also said I have a son, a husband and am still working and I do I want to jeopardise these things!

In addition to this yesterday I had a hypo followed by another do! Confused, didn't know where I was loss of strength to right side of body (blood sugars where normal by this time). Slept for 3 hours.

Oh I feel so good.

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Oh you poor thing bet you are so disappointed, but hey I wouldnt even entertain it. Would be so risky. I've had lupus & loads of other problems for over thirty years & I know I just could not travel too far. I find flying really hard , I get so worn out, my body gets really puffy too The furthest I go is Tenerife & I do know after being admitted to hospital that the treatment is brilliant there. You probably wouldn't be able to get insurance to travel to Thailand anyway. I know they are so tight with patients with pre existing medical problems now.

I agree it wouldn't be fair for your hubby & son either.Just have a nice chilling holiday in our country I think you'll be better off.

I hope your feeling better soon x


Hello annie

I think it is plain that you are not up to the journey even now. If you have APS then you also have a higher risk of DVT.

Sorry, but you will have to sit this one out.

Hope you feel better soon.


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