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pregnancy and lupus drugs

Hi everyone

Im interested to hear of people who have had babies whilst having lupus. Did you stay on medication and did it have any effects on baby? Or did you stop? Im taking azathrioprine and plaquniel. I have 2 children but it was before I was diagnosed. Symptoms started shortly before I fell pregnant with my 2nd child. Is it possible to have children?

Does it take longer to conceive with lupus?

Sorry for all the questions just interested to hear other peoples experiences good and bad.

Thanks xxx

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Hi Lulu85,

Im a young female who is worried about pregnancy issues as and when I am ready to have children. I found that Lupus UK factsheet on Lupus and Pregnancy really useful and informative place to start. From what I read it is something that is managed differently for all individuals so would be worth speaking to you specialists too.

Here is the link to the factsheets mentioned.

I hope this helps and I wish you all the best too!



hi lulu,

iv had 2 successful pregnancies with lupus. I stayed on plaquenil throughout both (and steroids and some other meds). when i was first wanting to start a family i received pre-pregnancy advice - my rheumy referee me to obstetrician). they checked my antibodies etc to know what they were up against. i think they check for APS anti-ro etc. each of us is different so youd need to get this checked out for yourself.

there is higher risk and both pregnancies were closely monitored and hope was a precious commodity especially with the first. i found a lot of hope in prayer which really helped me. as for ease of conception... first time both times! the issue is with carrying the baby.

id mention that you're thinking about it to your rheumy and get all the info you can on your own case. they werent very positive when i first mentioned it as i had to stop my methotrexate and they didn't think id manage but i actually felt well both times. the risks mentioned to me this time were miscarriage, pre-eclamsia, and baby growth issues.

i hope you have a similarly positive experience. the issue for me isn't so much can i have another baby but should i as i struggle to care for them with my symptoms. i have a 6yr gap between my 2 to help with that... totally broody for more though :)

all the best to you!!


Hi thanks for the replies :)

Its good to hear of your successful pregnancies butterfly. My 2nd pregnancy was high risk as I have graves too and the same risks that were outlined to you were to me so im guessing it will be the same this time around.



I would love to have the same information I'm desperate for children but so scared my partner is frightened to I think and he won't start trying until I can prove I can manage without my pain killers but I can't see when this will ever be possible :(


I had a miscarriage a month before I was told I had lupus? Docs don't nw if lupus was the course of it, but rheumy have told me to wait at lest 6 months before I start trying again once the lupus has settled.


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