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To plaqinel or not to plaqinel?


I know there's a lot of info about good old Plaquinel, but I really don't think rheumy listening to me.

GP lowered it to 200mg instead of 400mg as I was having acute stomach pains and all that goes with them! I can't take penicillin, ibruprofen or anti imflammatories....Naproxene, diclofenic etc I also suffer with a reaction to Ratidine(Retadine?) and lanzaprinol only works for a while then it all starts again...

Rheumy went ballistic without asking why, and didn't give me a chance to explain, I was so taken a back that I went into shock, as in open mouth and blank brain...ok that's most of the time, but....

does anyone have the same reaction? I'm concerned because both GP and you lovely people, have said some of the other meds are real nasties....the way I'm going I might not be able to take anything!

I vaguely remember someone saying about injections.....

gentle hugs to all x

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As long as they are the 'Original' Plaquinel that are coated and not the 'cheapo' version and take them After a meal I am ok, same with the Naproxin. But Penicillin and any derivative I am allergic to, I just closes up my throat and full of blisters - once ended up in hospital as they gave me one with asmall amount of penicillin in them ! I ALLWAYS ask my pharmscist

what is in them and have built up a good relationship with her, they have a Red Flag by my name on thier files to Double check what the are dispensing. Brilliant. Good Luck.xx


Hi hazel,

Thanks for replying.

I'm not sure it works across hospitals! I went into anaphylactic shock with the trace fluid in a kidney scan they put a warning on, moved area (all our hospitals are in a single trust)and went to another hospital, was told they were going to do a trace scan again, surprised I told them about the problems last time.. they said it wasn't flagged!!! Guess the morale of the story is to double check, remind them and reel off all the reactions!!!


I am sorry to say that these days it is a matter of fact the WE know MORE about our bodies than a lot of the doctors, so I take Nothing to chance even though I have great doctors, there allways seems to be one that 'slips through the net' Good Luck.xx

I forgot to say, lizziprippin was the nick name my Dad called me, there was only him that called me that and it brought back some Very Happy memories - are you from North Derbyshire or South Yorkshire as it seems to be a name that is used in this area, you are only the THIRD person I have ever known with that name and they were both from my area.


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