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I feel my doctors can't help me

I am having a nasty flare, enveloped in pain and exhausted also feeling nausious . My mum asked me to call my doctor but I told her they will practically do nothing for me. My mum has to go to work and I ve to take care of my 15month old son. I pray we will be ok for the night. I guess it will be a cliche if I say am tired of being ill. I feel very rough.

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You still have A&E if anything goes wrong but I agree with you, the only thing doctors will say is up your steroid intake. And we are left to deal with this awful disease on our own, hoping to make it through to the other side in one piece. Sending you good vibes, keep strong x


Thanx dear


Hi there ljeasike. How have you got on? I hope that you are coping despite feeling really fed up with another flare. Hope you are ok..


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