Why oh why???????????

Had a brilliant day yesterday, the first in 3 weeks. No pain,no nausea, no rash,no swellings,no brainfog......nothing. Totally normal for the first time in ages. Took it easy and just enjoyed being alive and well.

So why, after a good nights sleep do I wake up with everything back at full strenght???

So sick of this.

Sorry for moaning, tried telling my furniture and plants as I am living alone but they just stared back at me;)

Wish you all a decent day


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That's the nature of lupus. Do not despair. Just roll with the punches there is nothing else to do. You must remain positive. Its not a choice its a must. What is the alternative? Exactly. Chin up x


My plants and furniture are pretty monosyllabic too.

We're listening though!...totally feel what you're saying. Hope you get a few more good days come your way soon Ursi xxx


But that's good, Ursi, it means that lupus is starting to calm down - you will see, these good episodes will increase in number in the next few months, you can't expect that after feeling poorly for so long you get to be normal all of a sudden. Just be patient, you'll get there.


I agree purpletop!!


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