Have I got Lupus?

I have bad Raynards and mixed conective tissue disease, I had a Lupus blood test last year and this was negative. But at recent Rheumie visit she said she wanted to put me on Hydroxychloroquine ASAP as it was affecting my life so much, fatigue and still joints being main problems.

She also did loads more blood tests not seen the results of these yet.

My question is would I only be put on Hydroxychloroquine if it was Lupus?

Can Lupus cause bladder problems? As been having these as well, been to the bladder clinic and it seems to be sorted now, so that just leaves the other end! Some days it just feels like I am dropping to bits and I wonder what will be wrong with me next!

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Hydroxy addresses certain symptoms but not all. If those happen to be yours and the manifestation of lupus is not touching organs, then the likelihood is that hydroxy is sufficient. Even then , however, flares still occur and in that case you get additional treatment to deal with them, e.g. steroids. The more serious the lupus manifestation, the more complicated the treatment becomes, but hydroxy is usually the first line of defence.


Hydroxychloroquinne is given a lot if time to help with organ and joint inflammation, it's not just for lupus, i wouldn't worry yourself :)


If you have Mixed connective tissue disease it is because you have Lupus SLE with other diseases or organ involvement as I have. I have all the usual but with lung damage and now I have to use oxygen to get about without getting breathless and distressed.

I usually just say I have lupus.


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