I applied for DLA as ive been treated for PMR since July 2012 but got turned down but my mobility is getting worse and now my last 3 blood tests have come back positive for SLE, should I apply again ? what I find upsetting no one Docs or Hospital etc see anyone on a daily basis so how can we be judged on a single appointment, ive got to go to the benefit office tomorrow for an interview not sure if its to try and get me back to work but they don't know about positive Lupus tests .


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  • es keep them updated all the time and list all your hosp appts and tests you are having done maybe take some information leaflets about Lupus to them also, you can get these from Lupus UK .

  • YES

  • Hi make sure you apply again and send as much medical evidence as you can and try to get your GP to support you , Its not DLA anymore from april just gone its PIP, so try again also try for ESA if you get turned down make sure you appeal.

    Good Luck x

  • hi im getting ESA already . a while ago i tried to get a blue badge for parking but got refused but im now worse dont know if i should try again and also try again for pip what do u think ,


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