Ankle pain

Well I've had a bizarre thing happen. I was tidying my daughters toys on my knees when my ankle cluncked and felt like it needed to click back but wouldn't. The pain was awful and reduced me to tears and frightened my daughter. I was home alone so I managed to get her back in bed-all the time still on my knees and then crawl into my own bed to wait for my husband to come home. I iced it/used heat pack and took analgesia and borrowed crutches to get about then booked to see gp today. 10 mins before the appt it cluncked back to place as I was getting in the car! The gp must have thought I was mad! Its still sore and swollen but is much better. This stupid disease has a way of catching me unaware at times!

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Have you previously hurt your ankle, ? only guessing, Physiotherapy might help ?

Hope you are feeling better now.


No-just a freak injury. Frightened my daughter to death. Have iced and elevated it. Will see if its better tomorrow and go to the Physio if not. Thanks for the reply


My left ankle has always done that past couple of years it was the first thing on my road to being diagnosed it is very scarey and painful I end up having steroid injections in it to take the swelling out as that never seems to go down just seems to work one way up! Hope yours improves soon gentle hugs x


Thanks. I've been I'll for almost 2 years and this is the 1st time this has happened. It clunked back in yesterday and the swelling is now going down. It meant I've missed 2 days of work so I felt guilty but sometimes lupus dictates what happens and we have no control! I took co codamol last night and slept heavily with lots of bizarre dreams ( that's why I don't take it regularly) but I'm more comfortable today. It's a shame because I've been relatively well for the past 6 months and it seemed stupid to injure myself by not falling over!


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