raging thirst

For the last 10 days or so i have had a raging thirst and a horrible taste in my mouth - nothing will shift it. last year I was also like this and left it and ended up in hospital with a bile duct infection. This time I went to the GP last night, took a sample and was told there were white bood cells in there and have had to go for a barrage of bloods this morning. What i was wondering is, is this a common symptom?, is the urine analysis one of the triggers for diagnosing Lupus ( slowly ticking them off at the moment, but because of ANA results- consultant says only may be mild lupus), I weas also diangnosed with fibro, reynaulds and joint hypermobility.

After having a CT scan earlier this year, this showed up cysts on my kidney - could this be anything to do with it. Sorry to ramble, but am scared of ending up so ill like last year.

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I don't think thirst is a common symptom of lupus per se but lupus does cause inflammation generally, including to the bile ducts, so indirectly your bile ducts may get affected. Having said that, in a case of mild lupus that is unlikely, although not impossible.

Urine analysis is not on its own used to diagnose lupus but in the course of diagnosing lupus an analysis of urine sample will guide the doctor in assessing whether lupus has affected the kidneys.

It's good that it is being checked up thoroughly so you can then be able to treat it appropriately.

Good luck and hang in there.


I read in our lupus magazine that there is not one single test for diagnosing lupus; there are so many different symptoms suffered differently by different patients.

It is another autoimmune disease just as with so many other auto immune diseases such as Crohn's, where something has set off the immune system to work in the wrong way.

I, too, get horrible tastes in the mouth and extreme thirst where drinking water is not the answer.

I know my body needs re-hydrating at such times with good liquid nutrients and this is a lot of the problem finding what contains the nutrients my body needs.

We are under so many stresses these days with electro-magnetic radiation - even by going on the computer, traffic and chemical toxins, that when the body is not able to function normally, our bodies need good fuel of high nutrient food/liquid to cope with it all and mine is one of those bodies.

By taking drugs, it just depletes my body of nutrients because it puts an added strain on my liver and kidneys, etc., but I can't speak for the bodies of others; we all have to listen to our own bodies and do our best to work out what is needed.


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