Suggestions re: skin ulcers?

Just joined this board this evening! I was diagnosed with lupus in 1995. My spleen was removed in 1997 to treat ITP, and aside from a few minor flares, I've been in fairly good health. I saw a new rheumatologist this past week, and he believes I may have anti-phospholipid antibody syndrome because of certain persistent symptoms and a slightly elevated lupus anticoagulant test from several years ago. The most annoying symptom is the skin ulcers...they take FOREVER to heal. Does anyone have any suggestions for caring for them, in order to help them heal faster? Thanks so much!

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They do take forever and are so annoying. I have one on my leg that's almost healed now and a lot quicker than previous ulcers. I've moved and the nurse at the new gp surgery used honey (yes I did say honey!). It's manuka medi-honey, it comes in a flat sheet and you put a piece on the centre of the ulcer with a dressing on top and have it changed weekly. For me it worked a treat and definitely quicker


See my reply from

It may help. If not contact me and I will let you know my experience.


Hi, just noticed this post, know it's old, wondered if you're still having issues ?

I ended up having 3 skin grafts to heal my leg ulcer after ten years of 'trying to heal it' with various dressings and compression (the first 2 failed) last year I developed a black spot in the middle of the graft which meant I had to have a biopsy.

Thankfully nothing sinister was uncovered but I am now struggling to heal the ulcer that has been left behind. I have always been a bit of a medical mystery as no probable cause of the ulcer could be found i.e. not diabetic all dopler tests ok etc

Obviously since my SLE diagnosis it's now apparent why I am not healing as well as your average person. I was advised by my Rheumatologist that I can't have the medication needed for my Lupus as steroids will further slow the healing process so for you perhaps medication may be playing a part?

Like MuscatMandy I have also had medihoney and in my opinion it does definitely reduce the risk of infection although I found the 1st day of application it stings like a bitch :-(

I've recently been referred back to see the plastic surgeon and one of his team has prescribed Trimovate cream and Mepitol dressings which I believe are a washable silicone . His instruction was to bathe normally (bonus) and apply the cream / dressing daily and apparently this WILL heal the ulcer hmmm !

Only problem is I cannot get the cream anywhere in Kent UK been told it's discontinued.

Spoke to consultants secretary and they're now looking at a suitable alternative, apparently it's not discontinued but there is an on-going shortage of the product !!!!

I'm dubious as to whether this will provide the miracle cure but if your still suffering will let you know how it goes as I know how awful a leg ulcer is




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