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Rheumy Appointment

I have my first Rheumy appt today. My blood tests came back positive when I was admitted into hospital for a stroke. After seeing my GP numerous times I had given up because I'm sure he just put it down to my anxiety and depression. So I am really worried about my appointment today and thinking they are just gonna think I am imagining all these symptoms Just wanted to vent how I am feeling as I am not fortunate enough to have support at home

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Realy hope it goes ok Jackjack2. It's hard to muster the strength but just make sure you don't leave the appointment until your feel all questions/areas covered...maybe go with list of questions. Don't feel rushed...what are they gonna do...physically remove you?...no :)

Imagine glue on your bum until all your questions are answered and write any concerns down as you go during the appointment and ask those too. Say you need to write things down due to brain fog. Perhaps next time take a PALS worker in with you for support?

Anyway, really hope it goes ok

Let us know how things went when you get back.

Will be thinking of you



Thanks for your support. Appointment went ok, lots of blood tests and xrays and a scan coming up. Have to go back again in 8 weeks. That's basically it, but I do feel alot easier about things. xx


Oh that is good. Sounds like they're taking it seriously and a follow up in 8 weeks is really quick by Nhs standards. Really glad you feel better about things, keep in touch with us all if you still need to talk

Take care xxx


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