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Has anybody tried the PainGone range of products for pain relief? If so, did they work? Don't want to be on painkillers for the rest of my days so wondering what alternatives there might be for the aching joints/tendons/muscles etc etc! I haven't been diagnosed yet so not on any GP medications. Having read comments from some of you who are on treatment for Lupus, it seems that many suffer with the medicine. Does anything help Lupus? Thanks.

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  • Hi I had not heard of this but I did try a tens machine and must admit it didn't help very much. I don't know how new this product is but if it has only had 1 million buyers worldwide how many is that 5 per country. If it was that good surely sales would be higher?

  • Good point. Thanks for that.

  • I have the pen by which I used to swear by for pain relief. But unfortunately doesn't seem to work at all for Lupus pain.

  • That's a pity, but thanks for the reply.

  • I have bought it today for £24.96. I shall try and let people know if this works or not. I have a 30 day guarantee on the product. Should get my money back if it does not work!!! Keep your eyes and ears on the subject. I have spondylitis supposedly in hips, sacrum and neck...

  • Lots of people claiming success in their online reviews, though me being the cynic I am would like to know how many are bona fide. This 5 star review made me laugh though -

    'Not only did this amazing device cure all my pain but it also made me 4" taller and irresistible to all women - it kills weeds and also irons the lawn.

    It's so good that my local Pain Clinic has never heard of it despite it being tested by an Irish Dentist.'

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