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Methotrexate question

Been on methotrexate for 12 weeks now since the diagnosis of lupus and I'm still trying to figure out my lupus. It seems still pretty active but what I think is now happening is when I take my methotrexate on Saturday (20mg) my joint stiffness and pain is quieter from Sunday-Wednesday I think. Then it flares up more. Am I imagining this pattern or is this common of methotrexate? Got my Rheumy appointment Monday and he was maybe going to put it up to 25mg anyway. Any advice appreciated still figuring out what causes an increase in symptoms - it's hard! Scoofie x

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Hi Scoofiecoo,

I am on the same dose as you of methotrexate, except i take mine on a sunday. I don't know if the rheumy explained that it takes between 8 to 12 weeks before you benefit at all from this drug. after I take it I am generally wiped out for a few days ( methotrexate is powerful) and then sometimes i feel not bad and sometimes i feel like it is making no difference but at christmas i had a really bad dose of tonsillitis and had to stay off it and oh my, my joints felt like they had rusted up!!! I was pretty much immobal. so i'm guessing it does help...some!

Lupus takes a long time to get used to and there seems to be so many symptoms, there are numerous triggers that cause flare ups down to the obvious that you are told about but simple things like being bitten by a bug cause me to swell up, my kids (in primary school) bring home viruses they get rid of within the day and I'm still suffering withit a week later. Hayfever is another trigger, certain types of food or drink. also don't forget stress is a biggie, just finding out you have lupus is a shock to the system and takes alot of time to let it filter through. Try not to fight the illness just ride it out (hard I Know) but the more you want to do something, the harder it becomes so just go with it. But do remember when you next see your rheumy write everything down to tell him or bring someone along who can rememeber it for you. Also each and everyone of us share your symptoms but we also have individual ones that relate to just us. My rheumy says he sees a pattern with me at different times of the year that cause more or less problems, so they do have to get to know you and your bloods to spot out for different things. Are you on any other medication? as i'm also on plaquenil and blood thinners. what about steriods? o.k they had a negative effect on me but can have a real postive boost on some. Take care Kezzie xxxxxx :)


Hi Scoofiecoo, I can completely relate to your post. I take my methotrexate on a Thursday and at first it semed to flare feel worse by a Monday and gradually this has progressed to feeling bad on a Wednesday. I still feel I have flare ups but with just less intensity. So it is useful to know it is not just me and I also plan to tell the rheumy this when I see her on the 29th May x


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