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Ha ha ha!!

Just had to share this, should make you smile!!

Was at at work the other day and the day was going pretty slowly so I thought I'd quickly log into healthunlocked and look around as I had only just registered. Thought I'd look at the tags and see what sort of subjects people talk about here so I went through alphabetically. I'd managed to get to 'V' and it's worth noting here that we had builders in the office at the time doing some work and they were in reception where I sit.

Well without considering that the one of the builders were now sitting in a position that allowed him to see my computer screen I decided to select the subject of vaginal dryness!!!!

Suddenly the words 'VAGINAL DRYNESS' were plastered in huge letters across my screen in full view of the builder!!...'Abort, Abort'!!!!

Well, could I get the screen to minimise?...of course I couldn't, well not quickly enough!

I went bright red and couldn't look him in the eye for the rest of the day!

....I'm just hoping they managed to get all their work finished and they won't have to come back next week!!!!! :)

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Thanks for sharing your embarassment!


No probs!!....thought I'd been left hanging for a while there and my embarrassment was only increasing lol! :) xx


:-D brilliantly embarrassing and funny! Just made my morning - thank you! X


Thats made my day LOL xx



we do all have these moments welcome to our Lupie world & thanks for posting



Ha ha a true lupie welcome to our world xx


oh you poor thing - I have a problem now with 'leakage' and if i go out i like to wear protection just incase and when i come home the first thing i do is remove it as it irritates me. Well I was just home in the loo when the door bell rings - I quickly rush to the door and there was standing the window cleaner asking if he could use my toilet I said of course and let him in. While he was in the toilet I suddenly remembered I had removed the tena pad and just laid it on the floor in front of the toilet when I heard the door bell - well was my face red when he came back out of the toilet and said thanks, didnt look at me and made a quick exit! Talk about embarrassing!!!


Omg Annlister you poor thing!...I think lupus definitely toughens us up so we can take these things on the chin!!

Makes it easier knowing it's not just me humiliating myself all the time, lol!

love to you all! ;) xx


Hee hee! Rather you then me :)


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