Itchy Scalp?

I haven't suffered any significant hair loss, but my scalp itches something terrible. Does anyone else suffer with this and does anyone have any remedies coz its driving me crazy!!

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  • Hi Lilyanne...I can really sympathize with you...It drove me nuts and if I started scratching at my scalp everyone near me moved away as I'm convinced they thought I had nits! My gp prescribed Nizoral shampoo which helped ,the dermy gave me betnovate cream for the small bald patches which does help...but it is trial and error on the shampoo front..I use faith in nature rosemary or their neem shampoo, I've also found that some of the aussie care range dont set me off but i avoid alot of known brands that do anti dandruff or 2in 1 products etc as i find that they just set me off!But everyone is different..I only wash my hair twice a week, never use a hairdryer. I also wear a hat ...(.I work outside so its easy for me ,difficult if you work in an office!)that helps as well..strange but true!It has taken quite a while to find what works for me But it is so much better ..the only time it really itches is when I crash and burn with the lupus or the weather is really hot and I've got the wrong hat on!.Hope this helps a wee bit.Take care Redfive

  • I have a horrendously itchy scalp too and it was driving me completely bonkers. A friend of mine who suffers with really bad psoriasis recommended the body shop anti-dandruff ginger shampoo. I doubted that it'd help but I have to say I love it!! I can't believe how much it helps. Ive stopped using conditioner and other products and just use this shampoo and it really has helped. I still get an itchy scalp but mostly in the evenings and it's nowhere near as bad as it was. Good luck and I recommend this shampoo! Xxx

  • Try colebestoral I spelled it best I could try it on youe scalp...Doctor will recongnize the

  • Hi there, I know exactly what you mean and it is horrible! I us the TGel range. It has definitely improved the situation. I feel for you, but I might give that ginger one a go. Specially if it smells nice. :)

  • Thanks for the advice , ginger shampoo I will give it a go. I can cope with itching elsewhere on my body but my scalp drives me mad too. I also have scaly skin with it that can go down to my ears as well. I have tried lots of things in the past, I am not sure if it isn't fungal related as I get so hot at nights with sweats and wear a hat when working outside. I also use the Aussy stuff as it does not aggravate it, unlike lots of other shampoos etc. I also don't suffer with patches of hair loss, just diffuse loss when I have a flare. Good luck, over the years the intensity of the itch has improved, or perhaps I have just become more thick skinned....Lolx

  • I have some of same symptoms you should try these medication if you haven't already...Colestebol and triacinilome I probably spelled it wrong but your doc will understand what your talking about..for the itching of your skin hydroxyzine works well

  • I get this occasionally. I was recommended T-Gel shampoo. It worked so well, after a while, and I still use it when I need to.

  • i too use t-gel but when my scalp guts really dry and itchy i use pure coconut oil. you can get it in holland and barrett it is expensive (about £11) so i get it when its on bogof. just melt in microwave and gently rub into scalp and leave for few hours or overnight. it easy to wash out ( thats if the dog doesn't lick it off 1st!). it also conditions the hair beautifully. the oil (even tho it solid until warmed) can also be used in cooking, i have used it in curries too.

  • Thanks for some great suggestions everyone. I'm definitely going to try the Body Shop shampoo. I use their Hemp body butter for my skin because I have eczema and found it great. Suzie my itching is worse at night as well and I've wondered if its because of the sweats. and I also don't have patches of hair loss, but my hair is thinner than it was. I also notice when I shower that a lot of my hair comes out then too. Thanks again everyonexxxxx

  • Is this itchy scalp due to lupus? I have experienced some hair loss with lupus and my scalp itch like crazy much of the time. Using conventional shampoos make it even worse. I have had some relief from using an organic shampoo from Holland and Barrats, but even that doesn't seem to be working lately. I will give the body the shop one a go and see if it helps.

  • Hello I just joined the group I understand your scalp is itching I lost my hair but my doctor subscribe me with a steroid which is colesbestol not sure if I spelled it right but im close. lol and he gave me triacimolone try greasing your scalp like as you were using hair grease but don't put as much cause you have to remember it's a steroid, like a dapping motion were it itch the most....goodluck

  • Have you trued eliminating gluten? And use only gluten free hair products. I also found that if I eat anything with distilled vinegar in it my scalp with itch terribly as well. Now itch free!

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