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Hello, im wishing to travel to Afganistan for my husbands brothers wedding its first time abroad and with the illness not knowing what to expect What do i need to do is it to much of the risk because the temputure is sky high. What procedures do i need to think about my tablets will they be increased etc.

Iv only had this for almost a year now and im not sure how it will be on hoilday please can you give me advice on what to do or to expect because i have to find a way to control the lupus as the hospital treatment over there will have no idea and its not close to where we will be staying anyway its a 6 hour drive roughly

Thank you for reading

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You'd be best to discuss this with your consultant as each individual will have different needs. Your particular diagnosis, treatment, symptoms and disease activity could affect the response.


Yeah, Thats what i was planning also my general appointment is next week so will explain them hopefully i should be allowed to go see i wouldnt no havent travelled before yet alone with lupus thats what makes it difficult


Hi Metoyou. Everyone's different. I, for instance, can tolerate and even benefit from some sunlight on my skin in UK but not too much. It's a balancing act. The important thing for you in the fierce sun of Afghanistan is to stay out of direct sunlight. You may also suffer from the heat but try to stay as cool as possible with the help of fans or whatever works. In extreme heat, what works best to keep myself cool is to repeatedly rinse my hair with cold water. Also drink plenty of water to keep yourself well hydrated.


Hi, I can be ok from some sunlight but may get a headache slightly that will respond to painkiller though the heat can be a bother too i feel like fainting in the heat, even steam from the bath can be a problem Thank you for replying and giving me some advice


It isn't just the sun you need to bear in mind but also the travelling time and the effort of packing, getting ready, getting to the airport, getting on the plane, being on the plane, then getting to the other end, waiting through the baggage, visa, etc, then travel to the place you need to get to and unpack. Then you'll meet new people, you'll need to speak to everyone, stay late, eat different food, etc. Don't underestimate the amount of energy needed to get yourself there, to keep yourself on an even keel and to make it back.

There is a lot in a 'holiday' that could impact the way lupus behaves. If you aren't that sensitive to stress and if you have your energy levels well adjusted to take this on, then you will be able to do it, although I suspect you'll feel it when back home. If you react to stress and effort and sensory overload, then you will need to think in advance about how to incorporate 'me' time, how to explain to the rest that you're not a party wrecker only that you need rest every so often, that kind of thing.

I hope all goes well, have a great time!


You are bang on. Me and party doesnt mix at all my husband understands anyway and knows that i cant do much without getting tired out. But i want to go because we have never been apart for so long and i would love to see the wedding. I shall just tell my consultant everything and see what he advices me to do


metoyou I feel for you,i would want to go aswell,get all the info from your doctors you may need some vaccines aswell with travelling so far,i hope you have a wonderful time,keep us posted xxxx


I dont mean to be a killjoy but you also need to be aware of what if scenarios. If you were ill you may find it difficult getting an airline to want to fly you back home. You may be reliant on whatever medical assistance is available locally.

Its a big decision. Only you and your consultant know the true extent of your condition at present.

It may be just the best thing for you and may rejuvenate you. But the travel and change also comes with potential risks.


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